It is at once the door to the mysterious and millennial Ireland and the hub of worldly European culture: noteworthy neo-Gothic churches in granite, stately Georgian houses, theatres, art galleries, exotic restaurants, pubs and bars which are an article of faith (in particular, the Temple Bar area), discotheques and clubs, vintage and antique shops, and sports unknown elsewhere (Hurling is only found here), and the unforgettable Celtic music.

Dublin also has a very low crime rate; all of which truly make it a European capital but without sacrificing the humanity of a small town. Yet Dublin is also famous for its solid and celebrated academic tradition, especially in the fields of English language and literature (and how could it be otherwise with four Noble prizes in literature: Yeats, Shaw, Beckett, and Heaney). To sum up, the ideal place to study English, have a good time, and perhaps even find something that lives in all our hearts but which we have sought in vain elsewhere.

A mild climate, clear skies alternating with cool rain, rivers, lakes, brooks, Dublin has 4 rivers and 2 canals (which connect it to the west coast) and the sea. It is ringed by a luxuriant green, permeating the large suburban residential areas, dotting the parks and historic gardens; not by accident is green the symbol of Ireland; the Wicklow Mountains are very close and wild...